You helped Tank, our neighbor’s dog. Your contacting him for us has educated him to be a better, more considerate dog! He does bark occasionally, but now I hear it’s because something or someone he doesn’t know is near,...

Dana.................. you are amazing. thank you so much for this. Everything you said makes perfect sense.

And Thank you for checking in on them while we're away. That makes us feel so much better.

I'm so happy to hear...

Thank you again for all your work with Bella, she is still doing fabulously on walks and my trust in her going up to meet new dogs has increased dramatically.

She will let me know that she wants to visit a new do...



A mutual friend brought Dana to my attention. I called her for a session concerning my deceased cats: Miss Grace and Miss Bliss. I missed them terribly and wanted to know if they were going to reincarnate in my lifetim...


As cats we have had a challenging time letting Mom know when we are not feeling well or are upset by something. Dana has allowed us to let Mom know if we like our food or not, when a UTI was coming on or if we had a bad...

Hi Dana


I wanted  to thank you for the wonderful information you conveyed and for giving Chase a healing.  I deeply appreciate it. I think Chase did too because when I finally got home on Friday night Chase followed me a...

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