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Miss Jackson & Miss Galaxy

As cats we have had a challenging time letting Mom know when we are not feeling well or are upset by something. Dana has allowed us to let Mom know if we like our food or not, when a UTI was coming on or if we had a bad feeling about someone or something we wanted Mom to be aware of. We are also able to see paranormal activity that most humans do not see. Mom could not understand why we were not eating or drinking and would not come out from under the bed. With Dana’s help we were able to let Mom know there was a paranormal problem, and Dana stayed in touch with us until the problem was cleared up, so we could inform Mom when a problem she could not even see was resolved. You humans. Sometimes you act so helpless. We have grown to love and trust Dana. When she communicates with us now, we come running. We are happy to talk and share, and our lives have improved so much as a result. We know God sent Miss Dana to us so that we could bridge the species communicate gap with love, trust and healing. Please, God, Bless Miss Dana! and tell Mom that I want more petting than Miss Galaxy. ~ Miss Jackson and Miss Galaxy (the more white than black kitties of Vaishali’s.)


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