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Dana was born and raised on small farm in Czech republic ( former communist Czechoslovakia). Even as a child Dana was highly intuitive, able to hear and see things which the others couldn’t  and communicating with animals came naturally to her. Since during communism anything associated with spirituality or religion was forbidden, Dana was not allowed to explore these gifts.


Instead she embarked on successful career as a international fashion model, working for all the major designers and traveling all over the world, including US, where she finally settled in Los Angeles. Here she revisited her animal connection again when her beloved cat was repeatedly sick and no amount of veterinary care and medication would help. In desperation, Dana connected to her cat and using stream of healing energy she healed her cat in one session. Since then on, Dana, always a passionate animal lover, dedicated her ability to help animals, big and small.


Dana resides in Los Angeles with two cats and a fish and is a active supporter of number of animal rights organizations.

Dana's Family Photos


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