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Miss Grace & Miss Bliss

A mutual friend brought Dana to my attention. I called her for a session concerning my deceased cats: Miss Grace and Miss Bliss. I missed them terribly and wanted to know if they were going to reincarnate in my lifetime again. Dana got back to me promptly after making contact with Miss Grace and Bliss. She let me know they were NOT coming back again in my lifetime but were going to identify two kitties that would be right for me, and I for them. I asked for specifics - when this would happen; where would they be; how would I know them? Dana shared with me that Miss Grace and Bliss did not have a time frame but told Dana to tell me I should look for the two kitties that were more white than black. Not knowing what that meant, Dana wisely advised me to make a note of the information and when the time came it would all make perfect sense. Three months down the road, I get call from a friend about four kittens needing a home. I went to see them. When I walked in the door there were two kittens more black than white, and two kittens more white than black. Just as Dana sagely advised, when the time was right the information was clear and right on! Dana is by far the most gifted animal communicator I have ever known. She is the Rolls Royce of animal communicators. In the few years I have known Dana and have received the benefit of her skills, there has not been a single problem or situation that she could not enlighten me on. If you love your animal companions like I do, like my fur-covered children, you will find a session with Dana one of the most worthwhile investments of your time and energy. There is so much your animal companion wants to share with you and you with them. Do not let another day go by without inviting Dana to bridge that communication gap between you and your beloved fur covered companion. Do yourself and your cat or dog (or whatever) the biggest favor of your life and let Dana bring you closer than you ever imagined possible. God Bless you, Miss Dana! Vaishãli is the author of “You Are What You Love” and “Wisdom Rising” and “Wisdom Rising II” She is a webcast radio show host and Spiritual teacher.

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