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Bella - Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Dana, Thank you again for all your work with Bella, she is still doing fabulously on walks and my trust in her going up to meet new dogs has increased dramatically.

She will let me know that she wants to visit a new dog by angling over to say hello. I do ask the owner if it is OK for Bella to visit. She is (typically) quite bigger than the other dogs, so I do watch the other dogs body language. She has had 2 dogs bite at her face when she has been visiting them. Both times, she just turned her head to the side (and wouldn't look at them). She didn't escalate the aggression. When she visits and people ask if she is friendly, I often say she is transitioning to being a very friendly dog. I then mention that I'm using a dog psychic (I'm not sure what you call yourself, but that gives people an idea) and how you have helped her tremendously. The nicest compliment I got was that the person didn't think you were necessary because Bella was so sweet and gentle (Mission Accomplished on that one Dana!)

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