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Hi Dana

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful information you conveyed and for giving Chase a healing. I deeply appreciate it. I think Chase did too because when I finally got home on Friday night Chase followed me around and meowed incessantly. He will meow for food or to go out on the lanai, but this was different. It was like he was talking non-stop to me trying to tell me something very exciting. I've never seen him do this and I really think it was his excitement at communicating with you and his gratitude for the healing.

You were so right about Chase on many things. He is a VERY sweet and loving cat who is chill and humble. That he once had a home and was an indoor/outdoor cat who took off one time and got lost makes total sense. Chase loves being outside on the screened pool/patio area. He has gotten out a several times. But when he does he doesn't go very far just like you said.

He most definitely prefers soft food. He has teeth issues and has had many many teeth pulled so it isn't a stretch to hear that his small front teeth are bothering him. Chase loves tuna fish so it was good to learn that he desires thin flakes of fish flavored cat treats that can melt in his mouth. I will get or make him some treats like you described!

I am sad to hear that Chase has issues with his blood and has a more serious issue in his chest area. I am truly beyond grateful for the healing you gave him. Thank you so very much. I will keep you posted on his condition, try the turmeric and neem and schedule another healing if needed. I have a feeling that he will get better now because since your healing he seems to be more content and have more energy.

Thank you again so much for communicating with Chase and for the healing!

- Kara, Florida


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