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Alastair, Tess & Theo - About a Trip, Calming Anxiety & General Well-being

Dana.................. you are amazing. thank you so much for this. Everything you said makes perfect sense. And Thank you for checking in on them while we're away. That makes us feel so much better.

I'm so happy to hear what you said about Tess as that is TOTALLY her. She REALLY DID pick me when we got her. I saw her and knew she was mine. She really is the lady and mother hen of the pack. She's such a sweet girl and she does like having us to herself. I need to do more of that with her. And Alastair, yes, he LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEESSSSS to go everywhere with us. He gets so excited. He loves to be outside and he LOVES to go in the car. The reason I asked you to ask about "coffee".......... is every morning (and many nights) I make a Nespresso with foamed milk, and they all 3 LOVE me to give them some of the milk foam from the top.


Dana: When I asked Alastair "about the coffee" he said he likes the taste of coffee with milk and gave me sensation of rich foamy milk taste.


Really nice to hear that he's so much better and happy and CONFIDENT. We certainly see it. Theo is amazing and such a doll. Alastair seemed very calm last night and this morning after your session yesterday, almost as if he now KNEW that he was safe and "home". He wasn't as hyper and anxious as usual, but also NOT that he was depressed, just CONTENT. Would that make sense? Dana, thank you so much. This was amazing. We're so happy that Alastair has changed so much. Rick Los Angeles, California

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