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All classes are ONE ON ONE, conducted in person in my office  or via FaceTime or Zoom. Each individual class is 90 minutes long.


GROUP CLASSES coming up soon.


If you have additional questions, please complete the contact form and include your name,

email & phone number along with your inquiry.

Language options:  English / Czech / Slovakian


I don’t know if you understand how grateful I am for your teachings. I am so overwhelmed when I leave, I almost speechless but I really am in different world.
~ Susan, Los Angeles

Dana has improved my 2 cats (mother & son) lives!  She first communicated with them in an individual session. At the time one of my cats was being naughty (acting primal) and I could not figure out why. Thanks to Dana I realized he was hungry and needed more food than my other cat. He was a total different cat after given more food. He was more joyful and it reduced stress for everyone.

I did several sessions with her and then I eventually signed up to be her student to learn how to communicate with my cats and other animals.  It’s been incredible.  I use the communication strategies she taught me on a daily basis. I highly recommend Dana!!
~ Nikki B, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for validation on Thor (dog) & Biggie (cat). It is interesting and exciting to see this kind of thing come from myself. I think you are a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have you as a teacher.
~ Richard, N.C.

Prerequisite: None
6 classes total for $360


What you will learn:

  • All about telepathy, intuition and how to access these natural tools for yourself

  • How animals communicate with each other and how to connect to the same energy circuit so you can understand them and they can understand you

  • How to communicate with animal long distance via photo

  • How to communicate with live animal

  • Overcoming blockages in communicating with animals

  • Practice, practice and practice because practice makes perfect!

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Prerequisite: Animal Communications Level I
6 classes total for $360


What you will learn:

  • Problem solving - barking; aggression, separation anxiety, disobedience and many others, and how to restore the harmony in your house

  • Introducing new animal into the household

  • Travels & moving

  • Animals as our mirrors

  • Dead & dying - how to recognize the time has come, assistance with transition, grief management for people and animals left behind

  • Connecting with Animal in Spirit

  • Lost animal

  • Practice & practice & practice  again!

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Prerequisite: Animal Communications Level I
4 classes total for $240


What you will learn:

  • Concept of Past lives and how it is possible for Animals to have Past lives

  • Impact of Past lives on present lives of animals, on their behavior and on relationships with their people

  • How and when it is important to see the past lives

  • How to resolve and heal the past lives

  • Past life meditation - experience yourself how it all works

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Prerequisite: Animal Communications Level I
6 classes total for $360


What you will learn:

  • Health - how to recognize pain and pain level in the body and how to find area of the health problem

  • Diet - about species appropriate diet, and how to determine what is the right diet for your animal

  • Chakras - about animal chakras and their importance for animal wellbeing  on physical, mental and emotional levels, how to unblock them and assure their proper function

  • Healing - using energy, crystals and chakra work

  • Muscle testing, Pendulum, crystals, Bach flowers - learn  to use these amazing tools

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To pay for classes or sessions, send payment using either app as below: 

ZELLE TO: 310.600.3695

PayPal can still be use by clicking the button listed with each service. (A 4% fee is added when PayPal is used.)

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