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"Eating Happiness" - Exposing the Brutal Violence in the Asian Dog Meat Trade

I met Genlin a few years ago through our mutual friend. I always knew him as a humanitarian and philanthropist who is trying to make the world a better place. Genlin (or Mr. Hiroshi Horiike) really touched my heart with his new project - a movement to ban dog meat consumption in Asia. A cause for which I myself am an avid supporter for many years.

I attended the private screening of his movie "Eating Happiness" which he wrote, produced and directed to raise awareness and expose the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia.

Most Westerners are not aware that the eating of dog meat in Asia is NOT an action out of poverty, or lack of food. In fact, dog meat is a delicacy and a luxury based on a superstitious belief that the meat will make men strong - and, as the title of the film denotes, that by eating dogs who are very "happy" man ingests that "happiness".

Now this is even more barbaric to grasp; while they want to eat the "happiness", they also believe that torturing the animals prior to killing enhances the benefits of the meat. Dogs are being inhumanly killed by beating to death, skin alive, burn to death while the other dogs are watching before their turn comes.

The film travels through Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand and China exposing everything from the most brutal trafficking of living beings, to the "Dog Meat" restaurants in Korea, and even Dog Meat Festivals.

  • 80% of the population in Vietnam eats dog meat

  • 60% of the population in Korea eats dog meat

  • 20% of the population in China eats dog meat

30 million dogs are killed annually, of which 70% are stolen pets!

This is a very tough film to watch for anyone.

Even though Genlin assured me before the movie, that he is only showing minimal cruelty, even this "minimal" cruelty is unbelievably terrible to watch. It makes you wonder where these so called "people" came from and what right they have to call themselves humans.

For some reason, the issue of a dog meat trade has not been well publicized in the West, so watching the movie is shocking beyond expectation.

What can we do?

- the first and only worldwide organization founded by Genlin, dedicated to legislating a ban on dog meat consumption in Asian countries.

WDA is partnering up with other large animal protection organizations such as HSUS, Humane Society International, Soi Dog and others in US, UK and Italy to further their common goals.

To remind us that dogs are our best friends and that no one should treat a best friend with brutality and cruelty, WDA founded September 26 as a "Dog Lovers Day" to be celebrated by dog and animal lovers all over the world.

I hope that this movie and its cause will move people all over the world to show support and love for the "unhappy" dogs in Asia.

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