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Animal Healing with Crystals

Through my work I found out that animals respond to crystals very strongly and take easily in the benefits of crystal healing. They are more responsive then people because they are free of judgement and prejudice, they are grounded and more connected to nature and subtle realms.

I love incorporating crystals into my work and many times the animal will even request a particular crystal to be used for them. The results of using crystals in animal healing and promoting their well being never cease to astonish me and remind me how powerful the natural tools can be.

Crystal healing can be done by anyone.

Yes, exactly right! It means you can yourself work on your animal with crystals and help their health or just enhance their well-being. All you need is:

~ Love for your animal ~ Intention to help ~ Correct crystal for the ailment

Watch my video below to learn more! And if you try it for yourself, please comment on your experience!

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