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Help Save a Life - ADOPT! Don't Buy.

This heartbreaking story I saw on Instagram is about a dog named Boby being surrendered to the shelter at age of 15.

Boby at Baldwin Park Shelter

This is unfortunately not the first or last case, when an older animal is just discarded because it is too much trouble to take care of it or people don't want see him dying. You can see how devastated Boby is just by looking at him and you don't need to be animal communicator to see that he feels betrayed and confused and doesn't understand what he may have done wrong to be just tossed out like this. Where is human compassion I wonder.

If you are looking for a four legged addition to your family, please rescue!!!

So many animals in shelter are looking for a permanent home - especially in California after the devastating fires. The shelters are overflowing as many animals lost or abandoned in the fires were taken in. HELP TO SAVE A LIFE!!!

Thank you to @dogmeetsfamily on Instagram who is a great resource to find your new family member!

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