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The Prosperity Vortex

A while ago I was given this interesting information and I am excited to share it with you. Every year there is an Opening of the

PROSPERITY VORTEX on 6/6 until 9/15

It makes the prosperity and money flow very abundant and easy and any manifesting or intending for money and wealth is extra powerful at that time.

However you must create the right conditions for it.

You must have completely CLEAN SLATE in all areas of your life

  • your home and belongings ( no clutter, no old stuff you meant to get rid off long time ago, time for complete clean up)

  • your personal and professional life ( tie all loose ends and finish everything what you procrastinated with until now, be it organizing your office, learning a new skill, having that difficult talk with your boss or your family member, starting a healthy diet or going to the gym etc.)

  • Basically everything you know needs to be finished and done with and/or a new step you always want to make but were procrastinating with.

By creating a Clean Slate you are directing the energy of the Prosperity Vortex to you and you are able to use it.

You will notice the more of a Clean Slate you creating the more are things progressing on the money end. New opportunities and deals are coming in, unexpected money appears from all kind of unexpected sources etc. and your abundance intentions will come to fruition faster.

If you are able to finish creating the Clean Slate before the Vortex closes on 9/15 you will hold the Keys to the Vortex for the entire year and will be able to use the energy of the Vortex even if it is closed.

However if you miss the window and the Vortex closes before you are able to create the Clean Slate, you just need to wait until it opens the next year. Sure, you can still manifest for prosperity but the power and easiness of the open Vortex is not in it.

Know, that creating the Clean Slate is not easy task and it is a bit of race as well but that is what makes it more of a challenge and fun.

Not many people are holding the Keys so far but many try every year. And it does work!

Good luck and I hope you hold the Keys by the middle of September.


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