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Animals & Longevity

We all want our animals to live forever :) or at least as long as they can. I want to share with you how you can also help your animal to have a long, happy and healthy life.

This photo is my kitty Čert, who celebrated his 20th birthday on March 18th of this year. The video of him playing below, was taken couple days afterwards. I wanted to show you how 20 can look like - vital, happy and age appropriate healthy.

Čert is by no means a miracle cat. He has and had his share of challenges - he was diagnosed with kidney failure at age of 15, has hyperthyroidism and higher liver and pancreas count. When he was 6 he suffered from chronic UTI, fallen of balcony at age 1 and broke his front paw and some teeth, at age of 2 he had to have emergency surgery to have his intestines cleaned because he ate huge amount of tinsels of my Christmas tree. At 14 he suffered huge emotional trauma by losing his beloved brother.

But yet, he still has zest for life, runs, jumps, goes outside to challenge the dogs in the neighborhood and just two months ago he starred in new reality show about dog adoption “ Vanderpump Dogs”. He easily endured the demanding schedule of shooting and traveling to the set and stole away every scene, charming everyone except the dogs! :)

Most importantly, he is invaluable partner and colleague in my work. He is a great teacher to my animal communications students and willing collaborator on all my animal videos. He teaches me daily about animal health and healing and importance of being in present moment. He knows how important his work is and he loves it. If anyone ever had a purpose, it is Čert.

I know you may say, “Well it is because his mama is a animal communicator and she knows what he needs“ and so on and so on ..... But it is not just that.

From experiencing many animal stories and seeing their needs and challenges but also happiness and joy, I know that all of you can create conditions for your animal to live long, happy and healthy lives.

You are the key factor in helping your animal to thrive for as long as they can. And is never too late to start.

Here are the the crucial POINTS FOR ANIMALS LONGEVITY:

  • Species appropriate diet

  • The right vet

  • Animal needs clear Purpose of his life and sense of Importance it has for you

  • Energy work for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Always have a positive outlook on any animal challenges - no negative visualization, see your animal happy, healthy and pulling through anything

  • Less is more in supplements and medication

  • Minimize the amount of toxins around animal and going into animal

  • Keep harmonious balance in your household

All these points are equally important and need to be used together.

More details about each point and how to apply them most effectively will be discussed on my next radio show, so please tune in on Friday, April 16th 2021. Listen by dialing (844) 390-8255 or go to and listen from there.


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