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Support Me on Contact Talk Radio Network

Hi guys

Once again I will be guest on Contact Talk Radio Network show called "You are what you love" hosted by the wonderful Vaishali.

My episode is called "Ever wonder if your animal companion could talk, what they would say to you?"

I will be talking about communicating with your animal and sharing some of my experiences and fun stories about our animal friends.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your animal companion you can call me during the show and I will be happy to help. The number to call is below.

The show is on this Friday, May 22 at 1 pm PST ( 4 pm EST and 22.00 for my European listeners).

You can either call in and listen by dialing 877-230-3062 or go to and listen from there. You may also listen to the show stream live from Vaishali's . Just click on "enter site" in the center, then click on "Listen Live - CRT and "V's chat" if you would like to join into the chat room.

If you would like to reach me before the show please contact me via my or via email :

As always thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy the show



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