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Ringling Brothers Tents are Coming Down! A Victory for Animals!

By now, I hope you’ve heard the thrilling news. This week, Ringling Bros. announced that after 146 years, their tents are coming down and the animals will no longer be forced to endure long travel, abusive training and unnatural performances!

Photo by Randy Duchaine/Alamy Stock Photo

Make no mistake, this is a victory for animals. Many animals have been rescued from circuses and roadside zoos and people know how much they can suffer when they are being exploited for entertainment...

But this victory didn’t just happen. People's support and action urged this change! It was pressure from groups like The Fund for Animals that pushed Ringling Bros. to end their use of elephants in their performances last May, and it was continued support that is now bringing an end to over a century of misery for circus animals.

But there is still work to be done on this front as many innocent animals continue to be abused and neglected in other circuses … roadside zoos … labs … and elsewhere. The Fund For Animals and other organizations count on people like you as they continue to fight to ensure the safety of all animals by permanently putting an end to the use of wild animals for performances and other cruelties.

For today, let's celebrate that this historic day was possible. It’s a victory that celebrates the dignity of all animals everywhere!

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