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Cecil, the Lion: From the Other Side

When Cecil, the lion was killed last year, I was outraged and angry just like the rest of the world. But I also started to wonder what else lays beyond this very obvious case of a stupidly brutal killing. From my work I know that things often take on completely different and very surprising perspective, when you get a feedback from the animal, be it a living one or a animal who crossed over.

So I decided to talk to Cecil on the other side and find out what he has to say about his death and the people who killed him.

Cecil the Lion

As soon as we connected, I got a feeling of very old, almost ancient soul. It felt like I am talking with a wise old sage:

"It was a sacrifice", he said, "sacrifice for animals. I couldn't watch any longer how earthlings are treating the other species.

I decided that it is time for me to come back again. I have not been back in animal form for a very long time, truly I have not been back for a long time.

In every of my lifetimes I have seek to help the equality of species on Earth. That is my mission."

Then he proceeded to tell me that one of his lifetimes he was the spirit of a monk called Francis, later known as the St. Francis. It was a life he remembered with fondness.

He told me that the dentist and the two other men didn't have to lure him anywhere but he found them.

The reason why he picked slow and painful death was, so the results are shocking and will have large impact all over the world.

I asked him if he is going to reincarnate soon but he said he is staying there and will be watching and if need be he will step in again.

He said that all the animal heroes who sacrificed their life for a cause are of the same soul as him. They are group of very advanced soul of higher dimension who are watching the interaction of species on Earth and they step in when they needed. They are called "guardians".

The time is coming, he continued. There cannot be shift of Earth if there is no equality of species.

People treat animals, trees, water and other living aspects of Earth as a subservient, lower non entities, like non living things with no worth.

I asked him how he feels about Walter.

Cecil said that Walter was picked because he needed to elevate his soul. He is extremely low vibrational spirit who needs a lot of experiences. This was a way to do something worthy which eventually will help his spirit to raise to higher level. Given low energy of his soul, this type of thing ( killing a defenseless animal in a brutal way)was the only way to help his soul evolution to jump.

I asked him if he has any regrets from this past life. He said he is sad that his lion family is alone now and that they miss him but he had to do this for the higher good of all animals and eventually they will understand that.

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