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The Amazing Story of a Rescued Dog Named Jasmine

A friend of mine sent me this amazing story of a rescued dog named Jasmine, and I wanted to share it with you. I also want to share what I got from Jasmine when I happened to connect with her.

The article is about Jasmine, an abandoned female greyhound, who after being rescued by the Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia has become the surrogate mother to all the new rescued wildlife. She showered her love and affection on animals that have suffered abuse, from rabbits and fox to deer to birds she lets perch on her nose. She welcomed each new orphan with comforting licks and cuddles, easing their anxiety and helping them settle in. A heartwarming transition for Jasmine, the once timid, abused, deserted waif to a "mother" of other rescued and abused creatures. This is a older story and Jasmine since passed away but story of unconditional love and generous spirit is always timeless..

As I was looking at the photos of Jasmine, thinking how incredible and unusual all this is, and wondering what made her become so giving and caring - I automatically made a connection with her spirit.

I felt so much happy, beautiful energy coming from her to me. No other word than beautiful is coming to mind when I am trying to describe how her energy felt.

I was connected first to one of her past lives which gave me an explanation as to where Jasmine's gentle and caring soul comes from. The life I was taken into was her life as a human. I saw her as a young nun living in a small monastery in Holland or very similar country in roughly 1400 - 1500. She was very young, slender, and pale wearing a gray nun's habit with a white head covering. Everything was very rustic, and the country around the monastery was very serene with a lot of trees and very low hills. There was a small town close by, but there were always people coming in and out of the monastery to get help.

Jasmine was known for her humanitarian work. She ran a hospice there, and was very much loved by everyone. She also had something like a shelter/hospice for animals, which was unheard of at that time. She worked very hard, but she loved her work. I felt her energy being very high, always moving like quicksilver. It was energy of light and happiness. Unfortunately she died quite young contracting some type of a fever, and her soul felt her work was never completed.

Even though this gave me an explanation of her "humanitarian work" at her shelter, I was also still curious about what happened before she got there.

First she said, "I already told you what was my destiny, and what happened before is not important."

Since I insisted she said that she used to live with a very nice family. She showed me a house with a yard, a lot of greenery, seemed like a quiet suburbia type of home. The family had two kids, boy and girl about 10 and 12. They used to take her out with them quite a lot. On one of these walks, they went to some type of a gathering. It seemed like a large park, and there were a lot of people. The kids forgot about Jasmine as they were playing and talking with friends. As Jasmine was just standing there, two men approached her, and took her away. She went willingly as she was feeling that they will lead her to her destiny, which she couldn't fulfill living in her current comfortable life.

Then she told me that these two men took her into a small apartment, and they were not nice to her anymore. They tried to sell her to different people. But when this didn't work, they just left her in the old shed where the nice men found her (police) and took her to her home. By that she meant her shelter.

I asked her if I can share her story, and she said, "yes, thank you" and started to send me more of her beautiful energy.

It was quite surprising for me since usually I am the one who helps, and send my energy to animals in need. And here I was receiving healing energy from the beautiful soul called Jasmine.

It was one of the most special moments I experienced as an animal communicator.



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