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My experiences with Dana have been remarkable to say the least. From guiding me to the specific water fountain my Turkish Angora cat Mimosa preferred (and she had a very distinct idea let me tell you), to sending healing light to bladder crystals that cleared up in days... But the most impressive diagnosis was related to a more serious medical problem.

Mimosa was vomiting and showing all indications of some kind of stomach upset. I contacted Dana immediately, and her diagnosis surprised us both. She told me that as soon as she connected with Mimosa, she felt incredible pain in her rear teeth. She said that Mimosa's stomach upset was in fact related to these infected teeth causing her so much pain that she wasn't processing her food properly.

I took Mimosa to a teeth cleaning clinic, and directed the vet to that area. He actually skipped over my input, and became preoccupied with some small ulcers on her tongue suggesting kidney and other internal possibilities. I subsequently took her to her regular vet clinic with newer concerns of her internal health and full medical workup.

The vet performed complete urine and blood lab work with a full physical examination. The diagnosis came back with perfect labs, no indications of internal organ problems - BUT her upper and lower rear teeth were infected and needed to be extracted immediately. The exact teeth Dana had originally described.

The procedure was done, and Mimosa healed up quickly exactly as Dana had predicted. She is now a happy cat who loves to bask in the good feeling light that Dana sends to her whenever we have a session.

-Tiffany Downey

Cherokee Studios

Los Angeles, CA

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