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Dana, I never could have gotten through those last couple of months of Tiger's sickness and his transition without your help!

It was such a blessing to know what he was feeling and thinking, and to be able to communicate with him through you.

If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have known that he wasn't in a lot of pain and that he wanted to pass over naturally at home. That's why I decided to wait. And I do know that he knew how much I loved him and that I was there for him 100%.

I am eternally grateful to you!

It was also amazing that you were able to contact Tiger after he was on the other side and find out how he was doing, and to know that he intends to come back to me, when the timing is right. You really do have an incredible gift to be able to communicate with our beloved companions and help this world and the next!

Thank you so much for helping us both through this difficult passage.

Much love


Los Angeles, CA

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