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Animals and their Past Lives

"I had no idea that animals can have a past life!"

This is a reaction of majority of my clients when I work with their animal and the past life shows up.

Honestly I didn't know either until I myself encountered my first animal past life when I was starting with animal communication a few years back.

My then client, I will call her Lili, had three Charles Cavalier Spaniels and she asked me to work with all of them but particularly with a boy named Charlie. He had tremendous separation anxiety if he had to be even a minute away from Lili. He would whine and scream and make a mess in the house any time Lili would try to leave. Poor lady couldn't even go to the bathroom by herself. He was not attached to the husband like this even though he liked him so Lili wanted to really understand what was going on. Charlie had been like this since he was brought in as a puppy and Lili just thought he will grow out of it; but a couple years later, he still was acting up.

When I connected to Charlie I could immediately feel his fear and anxiety and also a huge amount of love, all of this connected to Lili. Then I was shown his past life when Charlie was a newborn baby and Lili was his mother. The birth didn't go well and she died just a few hours afterward. Charlie survived and lived a full life but was always feeling guilty that he really caused his mothers death. His experience was so traumatic and so embedded into his soul that even in his current life he felt terrible fear and anxiety for Lili and believed that if he let her out of his sight, she would vanish (die) just like in that previous lifetime.

I released that life for him and then, with a lot of anxiety, related what I found to Lili. I was totally sure she would think I was crazy. However Lili was very open and something just felt right to her about this past life. She said she always felt like Charlie was her child (she called him Baby) and had very special emotional bond with him.

A few days after the session, Lili reported to me that Charlie was a different dog. He still liked to be close to her and followed her around, but he didn't go into panic mode and scream hysterically when he could not see her. She felt that he just changed dramatically and in a couple weeks he was even more relaxed.

Since then, I've encountered hundreds of past lives in animal sessions and many of them with their current human guardians.

Working through a past life issue proved beneficial for correcting behavior, understanding bonds between animals and their people or between multiple animals in the same household or even getting to the root of a health issue. Just seeing a certain past life connected to a particular problem is extremely eye opening and a healing experience for the animal and its guardian.

For more on this fascinating topic tune in to my show this Friday or if you are interested in exploring your and your animals past lives, check into my session schedule on my website.

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