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Dana helped me with my 18 year old cat Kendra when she was passing.

Kendra had problems with her kidney and thyroid. As she weakened, she started to have difficulty eating food down and to throw up a lot. She was suffering and ready to leave this world. I was devastated. I can't stop lives passing but I wanted to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible for Kendra so I asked for Dana's help.

Right after Dana communicated with her and did intense healing on her, Kendra stopped throwing up, started eating well and became calm and relaxed. That was amazing.

After each session, Dana always gave me thorough notes that explain what exactly she did on Kendra and illustrated clearly what she received from Kendra, so that I would understand what was going on in Kendra's mind very well.

From those notes, I could tell that Dana communicates with animals in such a caring manner with a lots of love. I felt safe and happy that my baby was in a good hand.

It was also very helpful that she always listened to me without any judgement and knew how to comfort me, I can't thank her enough. Without her, I could have been such a mess not knowing what to do.

Dana is just wonderful and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Mariko, Tokyo, Japan

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